Working two close shifts with my favourite chefs, and then doing a sampling table for the restaurant again on Wednesday because me and Zoe smashed it last time. Then I’m off on Thursday and going to Bodean’s with my sister and Dad and Sarah to celebrate me finishing uni with a 2.1! Then working Friday til 6 then it’s Facedown and I get to see Joe because he’s back from Warped tour! Then I’m off Saturday so I can drink as much as I want at Facedown. I feel this week will be a good one.

I want to go to a fancy dress party with a boy so we can go as Clarence and Alabama Worley from True Romance

Five days til I get to see my best friend again. He’s been away on Warped tour having the time of his life, and I’ve really missed him! So yeah, I’m really excited for Friday.

I’m still awake drinking wine and listening to Tool when I was supposed to be having an early night. I have to be up for work in 7 hours. I had such a nice evening in the garden with my family. We all do shift work so we’re never all at home together, so we made the most of us all being free and had a BBQ and sat outside til it got dark. It was really nice.